COVID-19 Rapid Test Provides Peace of Mind

Planning to visit family, perhaps an elderly friend or relative?  You haven’t exhibited any symptoms of COVID-19, but you are still not certain if you are a carrier of this disease.  With the recent authorization of a COVID-19 rapid test, it is now possible to determine quickly and accurately if someone has the antibodies in their system. **

Covid 19 Rapid test
COVID-19 Rapid Tests are now available.

Reasons to Get This Test

  • Plan to visit family and friends
  • Returning from a trip
  • Have been around someone who has had COVID-19
  • Have been sick and want to know if you have had this disease

Knowing if you currently have the virus, or if you have had it, can provide peace of mind and the knowledge of what you need to do to protect family, friends, co-workers and those you come in contact with in our community.

Tests for COVID-19 Antibodies

The COVID-19 rapid test determines if someone is positive for COVID 19; or has been exposed earlier to the virus, but is no longer infectious.  This test requires a small drop of whole blood from a finger stick and test results are available in 10 minutes.  COVID-19 antibodies can be detected within 1-3 weeks after exposure.

**Please note that there is a chance of a false negative result if you have very recently contracted the virus and your body has not had time to produce enough antibodies to show a positive test result.  In this instance you could still carry the virus, even though the test result was negative.

Emergency Use Authorization Given by FDA

finger stick blood draw
A quick finger stick is all that is required.

This COVID-19 rapid test has not been FDA cleared or approved, but has been authorized by the FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization.  The rapid test only indicates the presence of COVID-19 antibodies in the specimen or not.

Diagnostic test results should be considered in the context of a patient’s recent exposures and the presence of clinical signs and symptoms consistent with COVID-19.  An individual without symptoms of COVID-19 and who is not shedding the virus would expect to have a negative (not detected) test result.

This test should not be used as the sole criteria for the diagnosis of COVID-19 infection.  Anyone who tests positive for this disease will be referred to their primary physician.

Request a COVID-19 Rapid Test

A doctor’s order is NOT needed to receive this test. Ask us for a COVID-19 Test Request Form from Blackbird Clinical Services and make an appointment to visit our clinic to have this test done.

Employers who wish to test individual workers, or groups of workers, can call to make arrangements for us to visit your facility. Cost is $45.00 per test and results are available in ten minutes.  Have questions or want to set an appointment, just give us a call at 765-447-8700.

A Little Peace of Mind

We’d encourage anyone visiting family and friends to take this step and assess their health, especially those whose jobs and activities put them in close proximity to others.  There’s nothing like having a little peace of mind when you are with friends and family.