How to Avoid Gaining Weight Over the Holidays

How much weight do you think you gain over the holidays?  Is it 5, 7 or 10 pounds?  Actually, the good news is that it is closer to 1 pound, although for those who are heavier to begin with, the norm is closer to 5 pounds.

Santa on a scaleOn the not so good side according to research studies, the extra weight we acquire over the holidays is seldom lost. This adds to the weight gain we experience as we grow older.

Enjoy those Holiday Gatherings
So avoiding this annual weight gain has a greater long term impact on our health than just gaining a pound or two over the holidays.  So here are a few suggestions on how to still enjoy our holiday gatherings, while avoiding those extra calories.

You Don’t Have to Clean Your Plate
Remember the law of diminishing returns.  When it comes to eating the first bite always tastes the best.  Research has shown that we receive less pleasure the more we eat of a food.  So avoid eating a full serving of that dessert or sweet potato casserole, just take a bite or two and enjoy the flavor without all the calories.

Alcohol Adds A Lot of Calories
Alcohol accomplishes two negatives: extra calories without nutrition, and a relaxing of inhibitions. Beer is 160 calories per 12 oz. can, margaritas and pina coladas contain over 260 calories per serving, and we don’t want to even think about Grandma’s eggnog.

holiday food on a tableWith the lowering of our inhibitions we also tend to eat more.  Alternate a diet soda or water between drinks and minimize the caloric intake as well as the rough morning after.

Keep Your Distance from the Hors d’Oeuvres
Those small handfuls of munchies and plates of hors d’oeuvres quickly add to the calorie count.  Make a conscious effort to position yourself away from the hors d’oeuvre table at a holiday function.

Prepare for a Party
Take the edge off your appetite by eating a small, healthy snack before the party.  Not being hungry when you arrive at the party will allow you to choose wisely and keep you from over indulging.

Kimi Hathaway, President/OwnerStay Physically Active
Over the holidays we are busier than ever so finding time to exercise can be a challenge.  We know that physical active is important in maintaining a healthy weight, so if you don’t have time to get to the gym, stay fit by walking daily. Get up 15 minutes earlier than usual and walk briskly. Repeat just before dinner.

Have a Safe and Wonderful Holiday
The entire staff at Blackbird Clinical Services would like to wish you and your family a safe and fun-filled holiday.